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Affording an Education at Village

Tuition and Fees

School Year 2016/17

(TK through 6th Grade)


New Student Fee
(first-year only)


Financing Fee

(for parents paying on installment plan)

Bus Transportation

Included in Tuition


Included in Tuition

Contact Manuel Pardo, Director of Finance and Operations, with any questions.

Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid Process

Village School is a welcoming community that embraces a socioeconomically diverse student body and faculty. The Financial Aid Program provides partial tuition assistance to families who demonstrate financial need. The school does not award aid based on student merit or performance. We admit qualified students regardless of racial, religious, ethnic, national or economic background.

Families must file an application with FAST every year and submit tax return information to them. FAST processes over 50,000 applications per year for more than 1,000 schools nationwide, and their web-based analysis will provide the school with an award recommendation. The school will evaluate this information and match it to our financial aid budget. Village School often receives more financial aid applicants that our budget can support, and some families may not receive aid even if they meet qualification requirements.

Admission decisions are made independently of the applicants’ financial circumstances. After the admissions office reaches their decisions, the financial aid committee grants awards to accepted students who have submitted financial aid applications and have demonstrated need for aid.

Returning families and new applicants to the school can apply for financial aid during January and February, and no later than the date posted on the school’s FAST website (click on the FAST logo). Parents are advised to file their prior year taxes by the end of February so these numbers can be integrated into the FAST application process. The school will inform both new and returning families of their financial aid award results in late March. Financial aid awards are given in the form of a grant and do not need to be repaid to the school.

If families have been granted an award in their first year, they can reasonably expect a similar award for the following school years, assuming that their financial condition has not materially changed and that the school still has sufficient funds to allocate for financial aid. The information of the financial aid applicants is confidential and only reviewed by the financial aid committee.

Contact Manuel Pardo , Director of Finance and Operations, with any questions about financial aid.

FAST Parent User Guide:
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The Financial Aid Program provides partial tuition assistance to families who demonstrate financial need.

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