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Secondary School Placement: Philosophy, Process, and Success

Sue Slotnick
Sue Slotnick

Director of Secondary
School Placement

From the moment a child becomes a Village School student, every adult on campus strives to know that child. No one at Village school is anonymous and everyone is valued as a unique individual. Our secondary school placement process reflects this understanding of each student. When we partner with our parents so we can choose the secondary schools to which they will apply, we are trying to find the “fit” for the child and the family. That is our philosophy and it works!

The process: In the spring of the students' fifth-grade year, there is a meeting with all fifth-grade parents to give an overview of the application process. The meeting is led by Nora Malone, the Head of School, and me since both of us have many years of experience in admissions as K-12 admissions directors. We answer many questions at that fifth-grade parent meeting and that is only the beginning.

Parents then arrange to have a private meeting with Nora and me during which we talk about their child and the schools that they will explore. We give our input and hear what the parents believe would be a good match. We also answer questions about the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), which each student takes as part of the process. The meetings are very valuable and give parents a path they can follow.

Fifth grade parents and students then have some work to do. They visit the websites of the schools on their list, find out more about them and complete an application. Our parents find that there are many opportunities to visit secondary schools so that they can see for themselves what the schools have to offer. We recognize that our students are multi-faceted, therefore is likely that each of the schools, albeit different from one another, will have something wonderful to present. Parents often want to discuss these differences, so we oftentimes meet with them throughout the process as they are making their decision.

Behind the scenes, the paperwork required of the school is compiled and sent off to secondary schools in a timely manner. Nora and I meet with the admissions directors and speak about each child and each family. We are their advocates and since we know our students so well, it is a pleasure to describe the children to people who don’t yet know them.

Nora and I also meet with students in small groups in September and early October so we can answer their questions and address their concerns. Our conversations are over lunch and these meetings are wonderful. The children are very forthcoming. We let them know that they can also meet with us individually at any time.

We feel proud of our secondary school placement process and each year, we feel our students are admitted to the middle schools that will be best suited for them. Last school year, our sixth graders were accepted to: Archer, Brentwood, Campbell Hall, Crossroads, Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, Milken Community School, Pilgrim, Viewpoint, and Windward. This list varies a bit from year to year because each child and each class differ a bit. It goes without saying that each of these schools is excellent, especially when a student and their family are a match!

Our graduates matriculate into highly regarded secondary schools. The majority of Village graduates attend the school of their first choice. Most often these include:

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