Diversity and Equity

Village School honors all aspects of the human experience. Education and brain development research have shown that when students feel safe and appreciated in a classroom, learning and memory flourish. In tandem with this, a school climate in which the human experience is appreciated and celebrated also allows all students to grow academically and emotionally.

This acceptance allows Village School students to bring the best version of themselves onto our campus every day. When students are appreciated for their authentic selves, nothing prevents achievement. This builds confidence in each student as well as an awareness that other people are equally deserving of respect. Going into their future armed with not only academic strength but also cultural strength ensures all of our students will thrive and succeed.

Our students’ future will be one of nonstop collaborating, connecting across boundaries and working with people of various beliefs, thoughts, abilities, and backgrounds. Therefore, today Village School is providing our students with classroom experiences, school wide assemblies, and special events to enhance their cultural competence in preparation for their upcoming world

Diversity Mission Statement

Village School is committed to fostering a community that honors the diversity of the human experience. We believe race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, family dynamic and socioeconomic status to be examples of what constitutes diversity in our community. We are devoted to cultivating and sustaining a safe environment that empowers individuals and groups to celebrate their culture, heritage and identity. Through affirmation and education, we strive to build and support an open and inclusive community dedicated to the principle of respect.



Committee on Diversity, Inclusivity
and Equity

CODIE is a subcommittee of the board of trustees comprised of board members faculty administrators, and parents. CODIE focuses on ways to promote and cultivate diversity within the parent community.



Conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

During our parent discussion group Kaleidoscope, we talk about and share our own journeys through self-identities, social identity groups and those moments in our lives when we have felt like "the other"
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On Campus Events

Cultural Fair 2015

Cultural Fair 2019

Special Events for Students

Lucy Meyer

We were fortunate to have, Lucy Meyer, a special Olympics gold medalist and UNICEF Ambassador, share some of her Special Olympics athletic experience with us during a recent assembly. Many parents attended and, like our students, enjoyed meeting Lucy and learning more about her many accomplishments.

Carl Brown

Village School held a special assembly, open to both students and parents, honoring the life of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The assembly featured presenter Carl Brown, who introduced students to Dr. King through story-telling and oration. Mr. Brown traveled through time highlighting the important characters and events surrounding Dr. King’s life.

Culture of India through Bollywood Dance

Village School hosted a special assembly featuring Bollywood Dancing by the Lunasha Dance Company. Bollywood Dance is just a small part of the rich Indian culture, and we were excited to learn more about this unique dance tradition as we hear about the history of the dances and costumes and how it ties in with the culture of India.

Guest Speakers for Parents

Robert Greene

As part of our Great Minds speaker series, the Committee on Inclusivity and Diversity (CODI) invited Robert Greene to speak to parents about Raising Our Children to be Culturally Competent Leaders. Robert Greene, senior consultant and leadership coach with JONES, joined us for a discussion on preparing children for 21st century success through the application of cultural competency skills and principles.

Alison Park

Alison Park, a renowned consultant from Blink Consulting, spoke with faculty, administrators, and board members to help further our strategic growth with relation to diversity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism. Ms. Park is a professional development speaker who brings years of experience as an educator and facilitator in the area of multicultural training on diversity and inclusion.

Eric Wlasak
Diversity and Equity Coordinator

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