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Village Viking Athletics offers students in 4th-6th grades the opportunity to play sports in three different seasons throughout the school year. Sports offered include flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. During practice and games, coaches emphasize and reinforce individual skill development, understanding of rules, effective teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


Co-ed Football
Girls Basketball


Girls Volleyball
Boys Basketball


Boys Volleyball
Co-ed Soccer

Coastal Canyon Track Meet

Village Viking Athletic Mission Statement and Philosophy:

Our mission is to provide a safe and positive athletic environment dedicated to athletic progress for all student athletes. Our program reflects the Village Values (caring, courage, fairness, respect, responsibility, trust), encouraging students through athletic challenge, teamwork, integrity, and sportsmanship while staying dedicated to Village’s high academic standards. Our program also includes a respect and understanding of health and fitness, skill development, competition, commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship with the goal of improvement and achievement. By working hard towards individual and team goals, we provide our student athletes with an opportunity to face challenges and build character in and out of sports. 

The Coastal Canyon League:

Village School is a proud member of the Coastal Canyon League, consisting of 15 schools throughout the west Los Angeles area. It is the mission of the Coastal Canyon league to provide an interscholastic athletic experience to all students who wish to participate in an environment that fosters safety, sportsmanship, participation, self-confidence, skill development, and fun. Together, as a league, we observe a no-cut policy and equal playing time for all athletes.

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