Healthy Fall Task Force
The Healthy Fall Task Force (HFTF) is charged with creating a plan for opening day operating assumptions and making recommendations to the Head of School, John Evans and the Board of Trustees. We are researching mitigation strategies, studying a wealth of information and advice from a broad range of sources including Independent school leaders at NAIS, CAIS and NYSAIS. We are considering the advice of experts across science, public health, the economy and beyond to develop clear criteria and guidelines to inform our decisions for opening campus.

The task force is researching and investigating data, and any information pertinent to the following six areas.

· Safety & Risk Mediation-Facilities Assessment
· Faculty/Staff/Student Wellness
· Teaching and Learning- Virtual Village 2.0
· Enrollment, Equity and Experience
· Finance/Legal
· Communications

Transparency is important as we consider how our decisions impact all members of our community and time is a commodity that is running short these days. We are confident in the task force as we move forward, and grateful for the constructive feedback and thoughtful questions of our community.
Healthy Fall Task Force Members

• John Evans, Head of School (Academics, Curriculum, Legal, General Operations)

• Caroline Byfield, Assistant Head of School, Co-Leader
(Academics, Curriculum, General Operations)

• Kenzo Bergeron, Math Coordinator and Teaching & Learning Coordinator (Academics, Faculty Development, Scheduling)

• Kathy Silberman, School Nurse (Medical and Safety)

• Sara Singsank, Director of Development and Parent Engagement
(Parent Expectations, Public Relations, Communications)
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