Community Service

Village School is committed to being a part of the larger world community. Therefore, community service is an ongoing and integral part of the Village experience. Projects often involve the entire school population and can be initiated by Student Council, a particular grade level, parents through the very active Village School Parent Association Community Service Committee or by the extraordinary Children for Community Service (CFCS).

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Children For Community Service

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There are two groups in CFCS – TK through third graders and fourth through sixth graders – who have expressed an interest in taking a leadership role with community service. The groups are lead by parent volunteers and they meet regularly after school. This is a voluntary endeavor, and every child is welcome to join the group. The meetings provide an opportunity for students to brainstorm, plan and complete projects to benefit our greater community.

We are truly so grateful for Village School's compassion and generosity. Thank you so so so very much for being part of our community at CHC – the ripple effect of these gifts is massive. You all are marvelous and inspiring beyond words. Thank you for blessing our youth with your support and compassion. We are honored!
-Covenant House

Village School’s students have changed the lives of many homeless teenagers of Los Angeles. To make another person feel appreciated, valuable and loved was the greatest gift that they could give for the holidays.

The CFCS group of TK through third graders kept busy with a host of projects. In February, the students focused on how to help others in need. With a generous donation of pre-owned Village School clothing from Village Vintage Wear, the children folded and packaged shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts that were delivered to a needy school in Mexico by Aero Medicos.

During the same meeting, the students created and apportioned homemade trail mix into single serving baggies for Samoshel, a local community service center and shelter serving the needs of Santa Monica’s homeless population.

With the arrival of Earth Day in April, the focus was on the role of the children as stewards of the environment. After discussing ways to reduce, repurpose, reuse, and recycle in every day, the group examined how the drought affects our lives here locally. Mini succulent gardens were created, which require almost no water to maintain their attractive appearance.

During the May meeting, the children created healthy snacks that were sold at an “unbaked sale,” which offered fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits. The $486 raised from the sale is being donated to Blessings in a Backpack, an organization devoted to providing food to at-risk hungry children during weekends when schools are closed. The parent leaders of CFCS expressed what they experienced during the 2016-2017 school year. “We have been very fortunate to have had such a dedicated group of students and families participate in lower school CFCS this year. We hope that introducing our children to a diversity of community needs has helped to broaden their perspective of the world in which we live.”