Community Service

Village School is committed to being a part of the larger world community. Therefore, community service is an ongoing and integral part of the Village experience. Projects often involve the entire school population and can be initiated by Student Council, a particular grade level, parents through the very active Village School Parent Association Community Service Committee or by the extraordinary Children for Community Service (CFCS).


Children For Community Service


The mission of Children for Community Service is to enlighten the students of their potential to have a positive effect on the world around them.  There are two groups in CFCS – TK through third grade and fourth through sixth grade – who have expressed an interest in taking a leadership role with community service. The groups are lead by parent volunteers and they meet regularly after school.

This is a voluntary endeavor, and every student is welcome to join the group. The students engage in age appropriate activities that highlight different levels of community.  Some of the communities they exist in naturally such as the Village School community, others will be introduced.   The meeting and activities show the students that community service is contributing your time, compassion and kindness along with helping others.  For students in fourth through sixth grades this includes the opportunity to brainstorm, plan, lead and complete projects to benefit our greater community.

Highlights from meetings and all school events