Village Values

Big and Little Buddies

The Village Values are the cornerstone of our Character Education Program. Shared values and a common language enhance relationships, our society and our lives. A committee of parents, teachers and administrators agreed upon caring, courage, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trust to be the six Village Values.

The most notable components of our program are:

  • Community Circle – a weekly opportunity for each class to discuss any topic of importance to them within the framework of the Village Values. These meetings foster peer relationships and lay the groundwork for independent problem solving.
  • Family Circle – a bi-weekly opportunity for a group of children from each grade level to meet with two or three adults on campus and participate in a variety of community building activities that are reflective of our Character Education Program.
  • Daily Application of the Values – students are encouraged to solve problems and develop their emotional intelligence incorporating the language and values that permeate our school.

The Mission of our Character Education Program

Village School believes that purposeful character education is vital to the success of all students. The Village Values - caring, courage, fairness, respect, responsibility and trust, provide a framework for the school’s approach to social learning and ethical development. These values guide students on a daily basis to independently communicate and solve problems. Using our models of Community Circles and Family Circles, as well as their daily interactions, students are empowered to cultivate their voice, develop empathy, and internalize the values that support their growth and success.

Village Values Artistic Rendering

Our Village Values

What follows is a short explanation of each Village Value and what they mean to our community. We hope you will join us in incorporating this common language in your everyday life.

  • Caring To be caring one practices kindness towards others, develops empathy to understand another’s perspective, and demonstrates charity of person and spirit.
  • Courage To be courageous one displays grit in the face of adversity and challenge, and behaves as an upstander supporting those in need.
  • Fairness To be fair one approaches others with an open-mind, takes turns and shares, and cares for those less advantaged.
  • Respect To be respectful one displays civility, courtesy and decency by attentively listening to others and treating them with consideration and inclusion.
  • Responsibility To be responsible one is accountable, diligent, persevering; owning one’s actions and demonstrating self-control.
  • Trust To be trustworthy one is honest with oneself and others, and shows integrity by adhering to one’s values, reflecting upon one’s impact on others and honoring one’s commitments.
Caring Coco Courageous Carl Fair Florence Respectful Rupert Respectful Ramona Trustworthy Tito