About Us

A Message from the Head of School

Village is a vibrant and thriving learning community where teachers work hard to expand the minds of their students while partnering with parents to raise children who actively engage in our dynamic world. Village School broadens possibilities by cultivating a spirit of persistence and academic excellence. Our curricula goes beyond reading, writing, and mathematical understanding, and inspires critical thinking, creative expression, and unhurried reflection.

We see our students as habitual investigators of the world around us and endeavor to bring about tenacious problem solvers and resilient, empathetic thinkers. We deliver a balanced educational program for body, mind, heart, and soul, incorporating the arts, athletics, and an intentional stewardship of our community, the city of Los Angeles, and the greater world around us.

We want our children to love learning, and they really do. They are engaged, active, and joyful participants in a supportive, warm, and nurturing environment. Never have our children needed a place of comfort, care, and good education more than in this moment. 
As we continue the dynamic exploration of innovation and working together with our families to build new ideas, we embrace our diversity and strive to always uphold the values of our extraordinary School.

--John Evans