Student Life

Social and Emotional Learning

Village School believes that purposeful social emotional education is vital to the success of all students. The Village Values - caring, courage, fairness, respect, responsibility and trust, provide a framework for the school’s approach to social learning and ethical development. These values guide students on a daily basis to independently communicate and solve problems. Using our models of Community Circles and Family Circles, as well as their daily interactions, students are empowered to cultivate their voice, develop empathy, and internalize the values that support their growth and success.

The most notable components of our program are

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  • Community Circle

    – a weekly opportunity for each class to discuss any topic of importance to them within the framework of the Village Values. These meetings foster peer relationships and lay the groundwork for independent problem solving.
  • Family Circle

    – a bi-weekly opportunity for a group of children from each grade level to meet with two or three adults on campus and participate in a variety of community building activities that are reflective of our Character Education Program.
  • Daily Practice of the Values

    – students are encouraged to solve problems and develop their emotional intelligence incorporating the language and values that permeate our school.
  • Director of Social and Emotional Learning

    - to the students, she is known as the Village School Friendship Coach! This position was designed to foster opportunities for healthy and productive conversations around social emotional skill building. In alignment with the Village Values, students, faculty and parents receive guidance and support designed around character development, bullying prevention, resiliency, friendship and acquiring and utilizing interpersonal life-skills.
    CLICK HERE to meet Liana Unger, our Friendship Coach.