The kindergarten program establishes the academic foundation for the rest of a child’s life at Village School. Children are introduced to Reader's and Writer's Workshops, models that allow for student voice and enthusiasm to grow while cultivating their understanding of these key facets of literacy. Children are exposed to a number of mathematical concepts through the Everyday Math program. Children also compare and contrast nine nations as part of a global exploration. During the school year kindergarteners travel to three continents, visiting three countries within each continent. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) units also introduce our students to the hands-on exploration and lines of inquiry that define our science program in the other grades.
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Kindergarten students visit each of our six specialist classes on a regular basis. Library, music and art specials are visited twice during an 8-day cycle. They attend Spanish three times during an 8-day cycle. Technology is regularly incorporated into small and whole group classroom lessons and students also visit the lab twice during the 8-day cycle. Finally, students spend time in Math Lab to broaden their mathematical knowledge and reasoning skills. Through this rich array of specialty courses coupled with their core academics, kindergarteners experience an incredibly engaging and challenging program.