Secondary School Placement

The goal of Village School's secondary school placement program is to find the perfect match for our students. We are in regular conversation with the directors and heads of secondary schools to which our alumni matriculate and have a sound appreciation for their climates and cultures garnered from years of colleagueship; through research and experience, in conjunction with much discussion with our families, we take great pride in partnering to determine the right fit for each unique child.

Typically, the process starts early, in the spring, when we meet with parents of fifth graders as a group. We subsequently meet with them individually throughout the summer and early fall to talk about the rich and varied options their rising sixth graders will have looking forward to secondary school. We meet for lunch with small groups of our new sixth graders in September and October, in addition to engaging in individual conversations with them as they begin to work on their “resumes” and look to the year ahead. Our goal is to provide the best foundation for every secondary school candidate as they move forward; we are a team and there is always a teacher or counselor available to answer questions or provide information. We want every student to know they are supported so that they can focus on their job: to enjoy being a sixth grader.

Village School alumni currently attend the following secondary schools: