Specialist Classrooms

As students move from TK through sixth grade, Village School offers a vast array of specialty classes to cultivate skills, passions, and interests. All students study art, read in library, explore music, move through physical education, discover in science, acquire Spanish, and utilize a robust selection of technology applications. Philosophically, we know as educators that attitudes towards learning and fields of study are formed during one’s elementary years, so our program presents a chance for students to be artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, facile users of technology, and acquire a second language. Faculty members share their expertise in engaging and challenging ways as students build a repertoire of foundational knowledge while showcasing their creativity through multiple group projects, performances, competitions, and installations. We seek points of integration throughout the curriculum as we know students learn best when they see the interconnectedness of life and how mastering geometry leads to a more balanced self-portrait, or how the intersection of art and coding leads to more appealing video game design. All students from our youngest in TK to our proud graduates in sixth grade, have multiple opportunities to present their work in front of their classes, grades, and even the whole school. These moments build confidence, speaking skills, and foster the sense of community that defines Village School.