Academics at Village

The academic program at Village School encourages learners to take risks, work together, and find areas of passion and expertise. We instill in our youngest learners the ethos of, “If it's not challenging, I'm not learning.”
This expectation extends beyond academics to include the social emotional world as well. In fact, we know that in order for students to excel they must first feel known and valued for who they are which is why we structure our program to interweave the academic and social emotional realms. We do this through collaborative projects, partnerships, and creating a culture of community of learners. Our small class size nurtures the connections between teachers and students as meaningful and deep relationships are grown. Every student and teacher brings value to the room and we welcome that diversity as it makes us all smarter, more agile in our thinking, and more able to navigate the larger world with aplomb. Whenever possible Village School links the broader world into our students’ studies through relationships with other schools, institutions of higher learning, and the business world of Los Angeles community. For our goal is to create learners who move sagely through the world looking for opportunities to enact change and improve the world.