Upper Division

5th Grade

Fifth Grade begins the departmentalization of our Upper Division with students receiving instruction from content specialty teachers. This allows for a more in-depth exploration of fields of study as well as preparation for the structure of secondary school. The Upper Division is a partnership between teachers, parents, students, and the school community that guarantees the effective use of all available resources to create, provide, and support quality instruction and environments. Every student will develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors needed in order to be a responsible, productive citizen and a lifelong learner in a diverse and changing global society. Four core content area teachers deliver literature, writing, mathematics and global studies instruction. Students learn how to manage materials and expectations as they travel as a cohort between these classes. By creating a two-year experience to master the skills needed to navigate the world of middle school, Village students graduate more than ready for what lies ahead.

6th Grade

Being a sixth grader at Village means that you look beyond yourself. You look for ways that you can use your talents to improve the community and lives of those around you. In essence, the students become philanthropists, altruistic ambassadors for the school, their families and their communities.
Sixth grade is the culminating year at Village, so the program strives to balance students’ current needs while preparing them to transfer to middle school. A strong emphasis is placed on students developing greater responsibility and independence. Responsibility doesn’t just appear in the Village Values. Responsibility also appears in several long-anticipated projects and programs set aside for sixth graders because of their ability to see beyond their immediate concerns. Sixth graders are paired with a kindergarten “buddy” with whom they participate in many activities both on and off campus. Sixth graders participate in a community service partnership with the St. Joseph's Center of Venice, providing the priceless experience of working with preschool age children. Beginning in January, St. Joseph's students come to Village School bi-monthly to read and do craft projects with sixth graders. Also, in the spring, the sixth grade puts on a musical play for the school.