Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten program is an ideal way to start children on the path to success! TK is a full day program starting at 8:00am and ending at 3:00pm. Each week is integrated and balanced between academics and specialty classes. The children spend time in math, language, science, global studies, art, math lab, music, Spanish, social play, P.E., library, technology, fine motor practice, and exploration. The specialty classes offer the children the broad range of experiences and ways of learning. The TK year reflects the child’s growth through exploration and discovery. The Transitional Kindergarten program really caters to the individual development of each learner. The smaller class size allows for the needs of every learner to be addressed wherever they are on the path of literacy and numeracy development. Students who are fortunate enough to have the TK experience enter Kindergarten a step ahead as they are familiar with the faculty and ethos of Village School which allows their confidence to radiate on day one of kindergarten.