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Board of Trustees

In partnership with the Head, the Board of Trustees serves to further the school’s mission, vision, and purpose. Every member of the Board devotes his/her attention and significant expertise toward specific areas and serves on one or more trustee-led committee(s): CODIE (Committee on Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity), COT (Committee on Trustees), Development, Facilities, Finance, Legal, and Marketing. Village School trustees provide leadership and support in terms of strategic planning, policies, and long-term institutional goals.
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List of 5 items.

  • Gina Cotter

  • Joel Farar

    Vice Chair, Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
  • Joel Montminy

    Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Audit Committee Chair
  • Antara Jaitly

  • John Evans

    Head of School

List of 11 items.

  • Eric Freedman

  • Amy Goldsmith

    Marketing Committee Co-Chair
  • Sam Grayeli

    Facilities Committee Chair
  • Sheri Green

    Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
  • Leah Karlov

    Legal Committee Chair, Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
  • Olivia Kelly

    CODIE Committee Co-Chair
  • Emily Park

    Development Committee Chair
  • Jeff Richardson

    CODIE Committee Co-Chair
  • Desirae Shepard

    Marketing Committee Co-Chair
  • Scott Silveri

  • Brett Thomas

List of 8 items.

  • Audit

    Joel Montminy, Chair
    Gina Cotter
    Antara Jaitly
    John Evans
    Vance Ito

    Olivia Kelly, Co-Chair
    Jeff Rihardson, Co-Chair
    Sonya Bhatia
    Patty Favila
    Courtney Fawaz
    Scott Green
    Kelly Li Harris
    Heather Karpf
    Stephen Lim
    Brandi Redick
    Aimee Rosenbaum
    Adriana Sagi
    Scott Silveri
    Louise Turner
    Daniel Weinberger
  • COT

    Joel Farar, Co-Chair
    Sheri Green, Co-Chair
    Leah Karlov, Co-Chair
    Gina Cotter
    Sam Grayeli
    Olivia Kelly
    Joel Montminy
    Emily Park
    Jeff Richardson
    Desirae Shepard
  • Development

    Emily Park, Chair
    Missy Arman
    Lydia Bergman
    Sam Grayeli
    Sheri Green
    Kara Horowitz
    Kristyn Romans
    Brett Thomas
    Jessica Anderson
    Jenna Binder
    Jim Dowd
    Sherry Moaven
    Ann Marie Scaglione
  • Facilities

    Sam Grayeli, Chair
    Mike Geraty
    Jason Haim
    Gloria Kim
    Laura Roberts
    Sheri Soldatke
  • Finance

    Joel Montminy, Chair
    Nick Bartolo
    Scott Cohen
    Eric Freedman
    Adam Jiwan
    Leah Karlov
    Andrew Kirsh
    Emily Park
    Anders Richardson
    Patrick Schaffer
    Brett Thomas
  • Legal

    Leah Karlov, Chair
    Joel Farar
    Jeff Richardson
    Ryan Sakamoto
    Lisa Weinberger
  • Marketing

    Amy Goldsmith, Co-Chair
    Desirae Shepard, Co-Chair
    David Anderson
    Jason Cohen
    Samantha Gustadt-Nayot
    Antara Jaitly
    Jen Jewitt
    Brandi Redick
    Stacey Rosenson
    Kristy Schaffer
    Shana Silveri