About Us

History & Campus

For almost half a century Village School has been home to families from throughout Los Angeles who seek community in a learning environment that celebrates childhood and challenge. “A School Exists for Each Child in It” read an early promotional brochure for the school then known as “Palisades Village and Middle Schools.”  This was a particularly forward-thinking approach in the late 1970s and demonstrates that from the start, a commitment to recognizing each student as an individual has been a fundamental principle of Village School. The school’s belief that a strong academic program must be complemented by a robust social-emotional component was also ahead of its time.  In the decades since, our pioneering Village Values have continually guided the student experience while we embrace the founding tradition of innovation. Village remains a school always seeking to grow and evolve, to respond to the needs of students, and to reflect the most current best practices.

Over the decades, the school has grown to comprise 47,000 square feet of facility spread over two sides of campus that are connected by what is lovingly called the “secret passageway.”  The Swarthmore side is the academic heart of campus, housing grade level classrooms, playgrounds, the 14,000-volume library, science lab, DREAM studio, math lab, and learning garden.  All classrooms underwent a top to bottom renovation and technology upgrade in 2022 that was intentionally student-centered, creating bright, flexible spaces that support multiple teaching and learning modalities.  The La Cruz side of campus is home to our athletics and arts facilities and includes a gymnasium and theater, a playing field, a fine arts studio, and performing arts studio / performance space.  La Cruz is where our community comes to celebrate longstanding Village traditions and milestones including the Halloween Pumpkin Fest, Dia de los Muertos, Winter Showcases, the Art Show, and the 6th grade musical.