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History of Village School

Village School was founded in 1977, in Santa Monica, by a group of parents who were committed to building a strong neighborhood school for their children. The school has had several homes in Pacific Palisades over the years before settling in its current location. We celebrate the visionaries, the families and community leaders, and the generations of dedicated educators, all of whom established the foundation and the “scaffolding” to support all that we have accomplished to this date. The future is very bright for Village School!

Dave Thomsen was one of the original founders of Village. He took out an ad in the Palisadian Post calling for an alternative to public education. He is shown here 17 months later, standing in front of a Village School that was "bursting at the seams."

In the years since its inception, Village has truly become a neighborhood school and an active participant in the community.

Today’s main Village School campus, the Swarthmore campus, was constructed in 1994. It included TK-6th grade classrooms, a library with over 10,000 books, a technology center, and a science lab. It is shown here under construction.

In 2007, construction was completed on our La Cruz campus, including a gymnasium, visual arts studio, music studio and performance space, as well as a dance studio.

The Swarthmore campus was renovated in 2011-2012 to improve the efficiency of the space in light of the adjacent campus.

Dedicated in 2015, The Founders Fountain lies at the heart of The Learning Garden. This serene, beautifully landscaped environment provides a very special space for both group and individual teaching and learning.

A significant renovation of the play area outside the kindergarten and transitional kindergarten classrooms has been completed in the summer of 2016, reflective of the school’s commitment to ongoing improvement and generous community support.

Today, Village School comprises a vibrant community of 290 students and close to 70 faculty and staff members.