On Courage... 
Every day of my 22 years working in education, I have been profoundly moved by the authenticity of young hearts. Our children instinctively want to take actions that make the world a better place, and it is beautiful to witness.
It takes courage to take action, and children often display such courage without self-consciousness. For adults, it is not always so simple. Courage is embracing our vulnerabilities, modeling resilience and leading from the heart. In order for any of us to attain that sweet spot of engagement with our children, we must give of ourselves, be a bit vulnerable, and reveal to them what makes us human.
As the new Head of School at Village, I will lean in and lead from my heart. I have much to learn from this community and have the courage to move forward with mind wide open and ears willing to listen. Together, we will make space for the beauty, artistry, wisdom, and wonder of each individual to flourish, inspire and be celebrated as we make sense of the days ahead.
As Einstein once remarked, “Nothing happens until something moves,” so as we embark on an extraordinarily different kind of school year, one set against the backdrop of a global pandemic and significant racial inequity and injustice, let us hold with us the courage to march forward with optimism and good will, embracing our shared challenges together.
 -John Evans