On Caring...

The Village Value of caring is one that I aspire to demonstrate each day as I move through the world. My absolute favorite moment of the day is the when we open the front gates of school each morning. There are always students waiting, drumming their fingers on the gate, hopping impatiently from foot to foot. They are eager to run, play and connect with one another on the yard and cheerfully bellow out a greeting to those of us at the front gate as they stream past.

During these moments, there is visible and demonstrable care flowing in many directions. I see care when the older students shepherd the younger ones off the bus and in through the gates. I see care as students of many ages encourage each other down the slide or across the monkey bars. I see care when a sixth grader happily passes the basketball to a younger student and then erupts in cheer when the ball gracefully drops through the net. I see care as a teacher crouches to tie yet another shoelace while discussing the hopes for the day.

Any of these simple acts of caring can change the course of one’s day. Within the rhythms of our day at Village, we seek to give and receive care for one other as this value binds us together and deepens our sense of community and belonging.
-Caroline Byfield