Alumni Stories

Lucas Gelfond, Class of 2013

Lucas Gelfond (’13) is a student at Brown University, studying computer science and writing. Lucas is creating quite the name for himself with published articles in Logic Magazine and Vice.
For Logic, he wrote articles about TicToc, the recent controversy with GameStop, and profiled an NFT artist. He wrote a piece about cryptocurrency for Vice. While Lucas may not have studied these exact subjects at Village School, he does attribute his ability to explore and his solid educational foundation to his time here at VS.

“I remember my teachers as great people and very supportive mentors; namely, I remember Ms. Emerson, Ms. Jacobson, and Mrs. Byfield. Village School was a place where I explored a lot, both inside and outside of the classroom. Overall, I remember VS as a place with kind people where I had a really positive experience. There are a lot of people at VS who are advocates of mine.”

Looking ahead, Lucas wants to work in technology in some capacity and continue writing. As Lucas explains: “There’s a lot of really interesting stuff going on in the decentralized web, not specifically about crypto-currency, but about building technology on to centralized networks. If this is the future of the internet, there’s a lot to be said about playing an active role in shaping that future, so it’s really high-leverage to write, clarify and frame narratives about the web that are thoughtful and not monolithic. The truth is more nuanced and complicated.”

We can’t wait to follow Lucas’ career and learn from his writing!