The Village School Endowment Fund is a Board-designated unrestricted fund that is vitally important to the continued growth and financial strength of Village School. The fund supports dynamic and innovative programs, faculty growth and development, enhances financial assistance, and helps to ensure the financial health and wellbeing of the school.

List of 3 items.

  • Faculty Growth and Development

    • Provide on-going professional development to faculty and staff.
    • Increase the median faculty and staff salaries to ensure Village School is competitive and attractive to new faculty members.
  • Financial Sustainability

    • Lessen the rate of tuition increases
    • Provide tuition assistance for an additional number of families
    • Secure the financial well-being of the school in perpetuity
  • Innovation Program

    • Fund Advancement in our STEAM Program
    • Sustain innovative programs inside and outside the classroom.